Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 398

Last week I wrote about my trip to Paris, and I thought that the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise deserved its own post. We went there in the morning on the third day. It was all grey and rainy, although sometimes the sun would break through. I had never seen such a beautiful cemetary. The broad, cobblestoned avenues, the small lanes overgrown with moss, the trees and the fallen leaves, and of course all the beautiful and intruiging graves; I thought this place was magical.

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 399

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 410

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 418

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 420

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 433

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 462

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 501

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 518I found this grave in particular very intruiging. ‘Nadejda & Orphée’. At first it were the wonderful unusual names that attracted me, engraved in this very simple tombstone. Then I saw the dates and realized how shortly they only had lived both – Orphée only got 5 years old. They have different surnames, so they probably aren’t sisters. On top of this, Nadejda and Orphée are resting in the musicians and composers corner of the cemetary. Why there? Why were a 23 and, especially, a 5 years old placed in the same alley as Frederic Chopin?

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 531

Parijs met Roosje Nov '13 534


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