In My Happy Place // Sketching

janna 010

janna 009My room definitely is my sacred space. I always sigh a breath of relief when I enter it, no matter what I did or where I was before. It’s the place where I can totally be myself and where I feel embraced the most. In my room I have surrounded myself with inspirational illustrations, my own paintings and drawings, books, small things I collected in the course of time, lovely clothes and other fabrics, a little blackboard for quotes to remember, but most of all the colors that I love the most. I feel loved and thankful when I’m in my room, and I think it is very important to have a space like that!


Like Magic: Celine Cairo

There was a time I absolutely hated Dutch music and musicians. And believe me, those awful singers are still there doing their thing. However, along the way I discovered more and more good music of Dutch origin. People who are making actual music for the sake and love of making music and people who are being actual artists, not some crazy ego trippers who think they are amazing but are obviously not.

So last Thursday I went to a very intimate concert with a friend. Singer of the night: Celine Cairo. I knew she had a beautiful voice, but didn’t really know what else to expect, since there is not very much to be found on the Internet. I liked it that way, because now she managed to blew me away. Live she sounds even a hundred times better than on recordings. Her voice is the most deepest and warmest you will ever hear and it is totally at home in a concert hall. Her own songs are wonderful, however, I thought the two covers she did – a song by José González and ‘Wicked Game’ – were the most beautiful. She finished with a traditional song, acapella: like magic.

I was remembered by the fact how modest and unpretentious Dutch people are. How I like that! No, I’m not being nationalistic – I strongly dislike nations for they absolutely do not bring the best out of people – and I realize this can’t be said of everyone (remember the ego trippers stated above), but I do think it is a very noble general characteristic for the people of a country. Celine was almost shy in the beginning, though at ease with her shyness, but she was spontaneous at the same time, and humble all the time, not pretending that she was better than any of us, the audience, or the members of her band. She talked whole stories in between some songs. About how it is quite difficult to fill 2 times 40 minutes with music and that was why she was going to do her second cover, about how she lost a friend, about how she kind of said the wrong thing to a famous rapper backstage at a TV show. Beautiful girl! Okay, back to the music.