Time In Between

P1080097My Kenya volunteer adventure is approaching, and I’m filling the one and a half week that was left after I stopped working with preparing, painting, drawing, writing, music and staring. I feel I should be doing the first mentioned – preparing – more than I do now, but however much I’m looking forward to this upcoming journey (that has actually already started, in a way), it does makes me tensed and I have to release that tension.

For the ones that don’t know, I’m going to volunteer at a Kenyan orphanage for 6 weeks, with Volunteer HQ. I’m leaving February 13th, arriving the 14th and starting with orientation the 15th, though that is about all I know for now. I could tell you lots more about it, however, and I’m sure I will do that later!

Oh, the world map cake above was made by a friend, for my birthday. Such a sweetheart! (And…┬áit was PINK inside) (oh, well, why not show a picture of that, too)


Below, some images of the last few days.