Where does the time go

Kenia 2014 1547It was yesterday, exactly a year ago, that I got on a plane in Amsterdam and headed to first Cairo and then Nairobi.

It was today that I arrived in Kenya, in the midst of the night.

Since I got back after 5 weeks, Kenya has been in my thoughts every day. Close to every hour, to be honest. Though these days it’s not just the highlights, the best moments and experiences, that cross my mind, but every little feeling, fragrance and detail. Memories are playing themselves like movies in my head. And I have a feeling that this will go on for the next couple of weeks. Today feels strange, but yesterday felt really melancholic. Sometimes I wonder if I do not hold fast too tightly, if I do not over-romanticize. Yet is is true that I was happy, and above all, felt alive. It wasn’t necessarily being in Kenya, but being surrounded by love and lovely people and every moment experiencing and exploring this new way of life.

I remember riding back into Nairobi after spending a few days on the coastside, the modest skyline ahead of us, back in what after the humid ocean air felt as chillier air now, and although the coast-life made me feel more comfortable because of its laid-back pace, it felt as coming home, knowing that familiar people and places were waiting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few days ago I received this photo of my sweet Ciro, all dressed up in uniform in front of her school on her first day. I can see some nerves on her face, but her eyes are shining as always.

I remember how she’d come to sit on my lap and count the Maasai burns I got on my left arm real slowly, while tenderly touching them one for one. This girl had stolen my heart, and I’m glad that I can support her for her education – something that has a far bigger (and probably far better) impact than volunteering.


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