(Re)Fresh // winterbloementuin

Some day last week, before I would start reading my economy, I looked outside my window and decided to fresh my mind first. So I took my camera. I opened the door and walked into the chilly November air, but left my coat inside. I started photographing the flowers in our garden, discovering more and more beautiful plants I didn’t even know were there before ,while taking pictures. That is what photography does. It shows you the unnoticed. It opens your eyes for the great little beauties around us. I had missed the feeling of a camera in my hands. This short photography session lit a fire inside of me that gave me energy for the rest of the day.

P1100988 (2)



P1100946 (2)


Keep That Adventurer Spirit Alive


It’s only March and I just got back from Africa, so it’s such a blessing that the weather has been so warm already! On Saturday my mom and I decided to go for a walk just across the border, in Belgium. Must keep that Kenya adventurer spirit alive!






P1090884Kenya diaries will follow! I can already tell you it has been a journey I don’t even have words for. It has been amazing, I have found so much love and warmth, and I am endlessly thankful.